iCAN (Canyons Academy North)

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Spring 2024 drop deadlines
12th graders: M/W classes 4/16 with a "W" and T/Th classes 4/17
9-11th graders: T/Th classes 4/23 with a "W", M/W classes 4/22 with a "W"


Castaic High School's iCAN Academy is a progressive group of students who want to get a head start on their futures through dual enrollment at College of the Canyons and the Hart District.  Students in the iCAN program have access to COC courses taught by COC professors on the Castaic High campus. iCAN classes earn students both high school and college credits.


In order to enroll in the iCAN Academy at Castaic High School, students should:

  • Have a 3.0 GPA
  • Be able to work and learn independently
  • Have strong study skills
  • Be self-motivated to interact with college professors



iCAN Drop Deadlines for Fall 2023
For the MW (even) sections – students would need to drop by Monday, August 28 to avoid a W, and before 11/1 to avoid a drop fail.

For the TuTh (odd) sections – students would need to drop by Tuesday, August 29 to avoid a W, and before 11/2 to avoid a drop fail

For Fri NC sections – students would need to drop by Friday, September 8 to avoid a W.

iCAN Information that Parents need to know!

Parents should understand that:

  • Students will be in a college course, and no parts of the curriculum will be modified, nor will the student be exempted from portions of the curriculum.
  • Students must maintain a grade of C or better to continue in the iCAN Academy.
  • Per FERPA law, professors will only communicate with the student, not the parent/guardian.
  • Only students  will have access to iCAN grades until they are reported on the Castaic High School transcript at the end of each semester.
  • While students with IEPs and 504s are not precluded from applying for the iCAN Academy, their IEPs/504s are will not implemented by COC professors, unless student request accommodations through COC.