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iCAN Welding and Manufacturing Pathway

The Welding and Manufacturing Pathway courses are located on Castaic High School's Campus, and are part of  Castaic's iCAN program. The Welding and Manufacturing classes are taught during the school day and extend an hour after school. The classes are college-level and taught by COC instructors.
Sequence of Courses 
Year 1: WELD 132: Measurements & Computations
Year 2: MFGT 090: Blueprint Reading and WELD 101A
Year 3: WELD 101B & WELD 101C
Year 4: MFGT 112 & MFGT 114
Did you know that.....
  • Students can up to 13 college units towards an AA in Welding Technology
  • Students can earn up to 10 units towards a Certificate of Achievement: Structural Steel
  • Students are prepared to for the Entry-Level Welder program and National Coalition of Certification Centers 
Parents should be aware that although the Welding and Manufacturing classes are taught on Castaic's campus, the classes are COC classes. Due to FERPA, parents and high school counselors do not have access to the instructor, students' grade, or students' attendance. 
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